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K111 KSTAR Acupressure Twist Foot Mat-Magnetic with Twisting Pressure

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ACUPRESSURE (REFLEXOLOGY) is a holistic healing method through Reflex Points of the Sole which involves Pressure and Massage of the reflex points found on the Feet. How to Use – Stand on the mat, start marching daily in the morning for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Use Twist Acupressure Mat for total health as it works on proven Acupressure & Pyramid principle as shown in the chart. Specially raised part of the mat cures mainly constipation, Gastric, Acidity, Diabetes, Indigestion & Renal problems by walking in your curved middle part of the sole. Walking on the heels cures Sciatica, Leg pain, cramps, Heel pain, Knee pain & Piles. Simply walk to and fro to cure all kinds of diseases. Simply walking on the toes for cures Headache, Migraine, Sinus, Asthma, Tonsils & Insomnia. Body Mind Family Society finances It’s an enduring classic, KSTAR Twist Acupressure Mat is a combination of Acupressure, Magnets & Twisting Pressure to give you quick relief from common ailments. Warms up your body by stepping on it for three to five minutes daily. INDICATION: Morning freshness & total health. Also helpful for patients with sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, insomnia. Specially raised part: For constipation, gastric, acidity, diabetes, indigestion & renal problems. Unbreakable & Quality Products.
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K280 KSTAR 2 Channel TENS Stimulator

The T.N.S. (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator) is a marvelous and efficient medical treatment, which has been popularised all over the world for many years and is widely prevailed to day, with amazing success by reputed physicians all over the world.
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K406 KSTAR Health Roll – Acupressure Roll Therapy

Make up to lack of exercise. It brings back life to your tired feet. Description : Advantages of Roll Therapy 1. Make up to lack of exercise. 2. It brings back life to your tired feet. 3. It keeps well human anti disease power. The whole body remains active. 4. It creates energy in human body. 5. It keeps well blood vessels and nervous system 6. It improves blood circulation and relieves tension, stress, alleviates pain and flush out toxins. 7. It slows down the pulse rate and promotes. relaxed breathing and encourage flow of lymph. 8. Controls Hypertension. AHCS wooden Health Roll - Roll Therapy, For Massage, Rs 450 | ID: 8565721348
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K852 KSTAR 2 CHANNEL TENS WITH ULTRASONIC The white combination therapy (Tens+Us) from KSTAR is a good way to get
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KC5 KSTAR Ultrasonic TENS MS Deep Heat IFT Combination Machine-5in1 Combo

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KSTAR Ultrasonic/TENS/MS/Deep Heat/IFT Combination Machine-5in1 Combo KSTAR Combo 5 In 1 LCD Computerized IFT MS Tens US, Deep Heat for
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KCPM KSTAR Continuous Passive Motion System -CPM Machine for Knee Rehabilitation

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KSTAR CPM(Continuous Passive Motion System) Machine for knee Rehabilitation after knee surgery Physiotherapy Equipment KSTAR Continuous passive motion (CPM) devices
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KHFM KSTAR Health Protection Acu Magnetic Foot Massager-Pyramidal

KHFM KSTAR Health Protection Acu Magnetic Foot Massager-Pyramidal KSTAR Health Protection Magnetic foot Massager Good Health with Acupressure, Magnet & Pyramid, Discover Second Heart under your Feet Acupressure, Magnet & Pyramid Wellness Care Product for the Family
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KSTAR Kansa Thali Rolling Foot Massager

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KSTAR Shockwave Therapy Machine

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K457 Acupressure- Acupunture Meridian Cun Measurement

Description :
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