1. Freight / Packing / Courier / Postage / Delivery / Embassy charges are include in shipping charges.
  2. Prize Inclusive of all Taxes / GST or Tax on net rate will be extra. Custom charge will be extra.
  3. Send name of Shipment / Transport / Bus / Train / Courier / Post Office and cargo, so that we can send goods as per your suitability. Normally Order send through Registered Parcel by Post Office or Courier. If send by DHL/FEDEX/UPS Courier, then Extra Charges.
  4. For Dealership process charge is Rs. 10000/- & First bill should be of minimum amount INR 50000/- (for foreign $ 5000)
  5. For foreign countries price should be noted in $
  6. Office / Shop working time is 10 am to 8 pm (GMT+5).
  7. The concern is authorized bulk exporter of all products under export license # 3215018578.
  8. Please send your order with payment. As soon as we get your order & payment, We will dispatch your order within 2-5 working days.
  9. Instruments Size Some Wooden Items and Cloth size may varies.
  10. Weight – Product, Product box and packing material are combined added in weight.
  11. Shipping Charge – Actual Charge may be different according packing and booking.
  12. If you are Therapist of Alternative Therapies then 30% discount on KSTAR Products.
  13. if you have bulk quantity order, we can make products with your company logo.
  14. For more information mail info@kstarindia.com